How soon can you drive after breast surgery?

When patients decide to have breast surgery to enhance their appearance, they mostly ask about the activities they can or cannot do after the surgery. Among the activities, driving is one of the most common questions patients ask. When can they go back behind the wheel should they decide to have sydney breast implants?

If you have decided to undergo breast surgery to improve your appearance, boost your confidence and experience a new life with the more proportional look, then we will give you some learning regarding the best time to resume driving after your surgery.

On the day of your breast surgery, there should be someone who will drive you home. The narcotics in your anesthesia and other pain medication can slow down your reaction time and most likely impair your coordination. If you are going to drive after your surgery, you might experience road mishap. 

Generally, you can return to driving one to two weeks after your surgery only if you are already pain-free. It means you no longer take pain medications, and you are comfortable moving your head and shoulders to check the vehicles behind. During this period, you can drive, but long drives should still be avoided just so as not to strain your body because you are still in your recovery period.

Resuming driving still depends on the patient. Most patients can already drive without any discomfort one week after the surgery while there are patients who need a long time before they feel at ease driving. If you still pain a week after surgery and still take pain medications, then don’t force yourself to drive. 

Each body is unique, so there is no exact timeline for healing and recovery. The most important thing is for you to listen to your body and give it time to heal. Do not forget to consult your surgeon if you have concerns about your surgery. They are able to assess your overall health and can advise you on the best things to do.

Tips for a smooth recovery

Days and weeks after your breast surgery, you can expect a few things. First, there will be a substantial amount of swelling and soreness in your chest area. Note that this is pretty normal and will usually go away over time. To reduce pain, it is a wise idea to invest in at least two recovery bras. These garments are specifically designed to help patients during breast post-operation. They provide stability and mild compression while increasing circulation. They come in many styles and various fabrics which means you can choose the ones that best fit your taste and body.

Since you are required to wear a bra at all times after your surgery, you need to choose the ones that you are comfortable with and do not put pressure on your chest.

Aside from wardrobe, you can speed up your recovery by getting plenty of rest, eating nutritious food and staying hydrated. 

Resting doesn’t necessarily mean you have to lie down on your bed for most times. Sitting and lying down for too long can slow down your blood circulation, so you need to keep moving by doing light activities like taking short walks and doing light stretches. Doing light activities can improve your blood flow and speed up your recovery.

Consuming food rich in vitamins and protein like fruits, vegetables, turkey, fish, and beans can also help you repair tissues quickly. Avoid processed foods and fast food options as these are not healthy for your body and can likely slow down your healing. 

When it comes to breast surgery, it is always important to discuss your lifestyle as well as your activities with your surgeon. They can help you understand the long term effects and can guide you on what to do best to get the best results.